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Interventional radiology has evolved over last 20 years to emerge as a treatment modality which has a promising future with capability of treating many disease entities which were previously treated with surgery (with its higher perioperative morbidity and mortality as compared to interventional procedures) or thought untreatable.

The principle advantage of interventional procedures is that they are less invasive as compared to surgery, most of them can be performed under local anaesthesia, hence offering a hope to the patients who are poor anaesthetic risks and the hospital stay is considerably reduced minimizing hospitalization expenditure. With the availability of new sophisticated imaging modalities and excellent technical devices success of interventional radiological procedures has peaked in last few years.

It is important in our country to educate the medical fraternity as well as common people about the field of interventional radiology to make them aware of what all treatment options we can offer in different conditions.

Hope this website will help the reader to get introduced to the subject of the interventional radiology and understand its scope in treating various health problems.

Dr. Swatee Halbe 
Consultant Interventional Radiologist 

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