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Mr. P C Sridhar, Chennai

During second week of April 2012, suddenly one day I found redness in my right eye and also swelling  of eyeball.  Then I visited my regular eye specialist who said that it was due to some allergy and treated me for the same. Treatment did not give me any relief and every other ophthalmologist kept on treating me for allergy or infection without success.

During Second week of May 2012 I was referred to Sankara Netrayalaya, Chennai, where the doctors on thorough examination of my eyes, told me that it was only due to some infection and prescribed me some drops. Though I was feeling better to the extent of 20 to 25%, still the discomfort was continuing. When I visited them again for a review, a senior doctor suspected some ‘Low Flow vascular malformation behind my right eye ‘which I could not understand.  I was immediately asked to undergo MRI Scan of brain with MR angiogram and the result of the Scan revealed that I was having Carotico Cavernous Fistula in my right eye.(June 2012)

Then I was referred to Dr. Swatee Halbe, Interventional Radiologist who asked me to undergo Cerebral Angiogram to find what was exactly problem in the blood vessels.  Accordingly, I underwent Cerebral angiogram in last week of June 2012 which revealed Right carotico cavernous fistula.  Then Dr. Swatee Halbe, taught me some exercise – intermittent compression of carotid artery in the neck.  After I started doing the exercise,  I got 40 to 50% relief in two months time.  But, suddenly, during mid of September 2012, one fine morning, when I woke up, I realized more pain in my right eye with more redness, swelling though comparatively lesser and also blurred vision.  Within 15 days the problem of blurred vision was increasing and reading news papers, watching television, doing office work, walking on the road became very difficult for me. I could not carry out my routine activities.   I was not in a position to take part in any social functions due to the redness and swelling in my right eye. 

Then again I visited Sankara Netralaya on 3rd October 2012.  The Doctor in Neuro Opthamalogy Department, after examination of my eyes, directed me again to meet  Dr. Swatee Halbe for further management .. Dr. Swatee Halbe, (Chief of Radiology Services and consultant Interventional Radiologist, SRM Institutes For Medical Science, Vadapalani, Chennai)   on thorough examination of my right eye, told me that I had no other option but to undergo a procedure called “Embolisation of Right Carotico Cavernous Fistula using Platinum  Coils”. 

On 11th October 2012, I got admitted  into SRM Hospital, Kattankulathur, in Neuro Ward under Dr.Siddhartha Ghosh, the Chief of Neurosurgery  Department.

On 12th October 2012, I underwent the procedure called Embolisation of Right carotico cavernous fistula using platinum coils  in the afternoon.  The Surgery was  performed by Dr.Swatee  Halbe and Dr Uday Limaye .The infrastructure in SRM Hospital, Kattankulathur, for this kind of surgical procedure,  is really very good.  I came to know that the surgery procedure lasted for nearly 4 hours.  Still I am able to recollect  .the words  spoken to me  by Dr.Swatee Halbe, when I was shifted to ICU,  after the surgery. She had told me that surgery proved to be very difficult but successful.  The encouraging words spoken by Dr.Swatee Halbe, before and after surgery was something really a morale booster for anybody.  I am really grateful to Dr.Swatee Halbe and her excellent team.  The very next day after the surgery I could feel  improvement in my right eye.  The swelling started reducing, blurred vision decreased, clarity of vision improved, redness came  down to some extent.  Within 45 days from  the date of surgery my right eye had come  to normalcy. 

I was always thinking that something drastically would happen to my right eye because of my continuous struggling for 6 months.   But finally the ALMIGHTY GOD had introduced me to a proper person called Dr.Swatee Halbe.  I thank GOD for the same. My special thanks to Sankara  Netralaya  for their  timely diagnosis of my problem and directing me to a proper doctor for remedial action.


Dear Madam, 

I am Padmini Nair from Bhilai who came to you for treatment of Type D CCF in the left eye in 2010. 

I am sure you do not remember me, but you are remembered by my family & myself with lots of love, thankfulness, & respect.. 

I am perfectly fine now & this mail is only to tell you that we always include you in our prayers. 

Wish you & your family a very happy 2014 & happy Pongal too....Padmini


Ms. Padmini Nair
Professor of English from Bhilai

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