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Transplant renal artery angioplasty

Case - 1 : This elderly gentleman had undergone renal transplant few months ago and then presented with deterioration of function of transplant kidney and uncontrolled hypertension. For transplant renal artery stenosis . angioplasty and stenting is the choice of treatment.
 Right iliac angiogram was done through left femoral route by cross over technique . It showed renal artery stenosis of transplant kidney at anastomotic site.
Through left femoral route , the stenosis was dilated and stent was placed across to keep it open. Poststenting angiogram shows that calibre of stenosed segment has been restored to normal.


Case - 2. Another patient with similar problem

Transplant kidney renal artery stenosis is seen involving its proximal segment from anastomosis.
Guidewire is  across renal artery stenosis  into the distal intrarenal branches.
To dilate the stenosis, stent was deployed
Post angioplasty and stenting angiogram shows normal restoration of the lumen of renal artery.


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