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Post partum hemorrhage embolization

Case - 1 : Immediately after delivering a child, this young lady was bleeding profusely, so much so that her pulses were not palpable, blood pressure dropped and she was on ventilator. 
Left uterine artery was cathetrized selectively.
Postembolization left internal iliac angiogram shows occlusion of left uterine artery. Since she is a young lady and the aim of the procedure was to arrest the bleeding, temporary embolic material was used.
Right uterine artery was then cathetrized selectively.

Postembolization right uterine artery shows blockage of right uterine artery.

As soon as the embolization was over, her blood pressure picked up. pulses were well palpable, and she was taken off ventilator. She got discharged within 2 days.

Thus this was a life saving proceduer.



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